Install Android Studio offline with SDK

studio-logoFor some people who have try to installing android studio will notice that the installation needs internet connecion for downloading the SDKs. You can cancel the download but it will try to download the SDKs again. Unless you have already downloaded or copied existing Android SDK from your friends (it hard to find the links on internet, because SDK Manager will download it for you).

This tutorial will guide you how to install android studio offline. In fact, you need to disconnect from internet. You don’t need internet connection anymore for downloading the SDK (note : you have to copy existed Android SDK from your friends)

  1. Download and install JDK. Make sure you install with the corresponding system (32 or 64) bitinstall jdk
  2. Copy your existing sdk to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Android, it may looks like this :sdk location
  3. Download Android Studio IDE. Before you install it, make sure you are disconnected from the internetinstall android studio ide
  4. Remove the check on Android Virtual Device (already included in SDK)remove AVD check
  5. After installation, open Android Studio. When “Unable to access Android SDK add-on list” appear, choose cancel.Click Cancel
  6. Then, in SDK Components Setup, it will detect that you already have the SDK. Choose Finishinstalled SDK detected
  7. You’ll be promted that Android SDK is up to date.up-to-date
  8. Then you can create a new project.create new project
  9. The first look of the new project probably like studio first look
  10. Now, you can start developing your application using Android Studio 🙂

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