How to edit mp3 details

Long time no post, yeah because I should study on my first month in senior high school. But now, I will post an interesting tips. Its about how to edit mp3 details. I will explain how to edit the title, artist, album, year, tracks, genre, and song cover. It also could adding tag for you custom mp3 (or not original mp3). Continue reading

GTA SA Tutorials – How to modify effects.fxp

Hi all, today i would like to post about reading how to modify effecrs.fxp. First, you need to know everything in effects.fxp. But, i don’t think i could explain all of it, i will explain the most important part of it. Before you make any changes, please backup first, Continue reading

[Preview] GTA SA – Rasenshuriken Mod (Blast Effect Test)

I updated this mod, there’ll be a blast effects ( not good, but I’m okay with it :-). I created it by modify some effects from other effects on gta sa (actually, i’m really suck edited effects.fxp). Texture original by me. There’ll be a fade effects too. Well, this is the progress, just wait ’till it released 🙂 Continue reading

How to make virtual device with Daemon Tools Lite

Before you read this, you need to read how to make image file (ISO, MDS, etc) because this tips following the before one.

Virtual Device is also referred to as a virtual peripheral, a virtual device mimics a physical hardware device, essentially tricking the CPU into believing that a device exists when actually it doesn’t. For example, fax software can act as a virtual printer. When print is selected, the document is sent to a fax / modem, which then sends information to another fax / modem or fax machine instead of a printer printing the file. Continue reading

How to create ISO with Daemon Tools Lite

DAEMON Tools is an advanced application for multiprotection emulation.

DAEMON Tools is further development of the Generic Safedisc emulator incorporating all its features. This program allows running backup copies of SafeDisc (C-Dilla), Securom or Laserlock protected games.It emulates max. 4 DVD-ROM drives and works with CD/DVD images created by many burning programs

DAEMON Tools works under Windows9x/ME/NT/2000/XP with all types of CD/DVDROM drives (IDE/SCSI) and supports nearly any CD protection. Continue reading

Cara membuat icon dari gambar

Kali ini saya membahas tentang cara mengubah file gambar .PNG menjadi file icon (.ico). Saya memilih .PNG karena dapat dijadikan icon yang memiiki background transparant. Yang saya bahas kali ini adalah layanan convert online yang bisa didapat di internet. Layanan ini membolehkan user meng-upload gambar maupun mengetik alamat URL gambar, jadi meskipun tidak memiliki gambar .PNG, asalkan punya URL gambarnya tidak masalah. Continue reading

Cara memberi background pada Flashdisk

Sebenarnya, trik ini sudah cukup lama. Tapi berhubung baru sempat sekarang, tak apalah. Trik ini akan mempercantik tampilan flashdisk anda dengan cara menambahkan gambar background favorit anda ke Flashdisk anda. Hanya perlu menggunakan notepad untuk melakukannya. Berikut adalah langkah nya :

Continue reading