GTA SA Tutorials – How to modify effects.fxp

Hi all, today i would like to post about reading how to modify effecrs.fxp. First, you need to know everything in effects.fxp. But, i don’t think i could explain all of it, i will explain the most important part of it. Before you make any changes, please backup first,

Well, Open effects.fxp using Notepad, and find “fire_med”, then you should found this line



FILENAME: X:\SA\FxTools\Data\effects\gta_pc\systems/code/fire_med.fxs
NAME: fire_med
LENGTH: 1.000
LENGTH: 0.000
CULLDIST: 40.000
BOUNDINGSPHERE: 0.000 0.000 2.000 3.000

I will explain what it means.

NAME: fire_med. It’s the name of the particle.

LENGTH: 1.000. It’s about how long the particle would be shown (milisecond)

PLAYMODE: 2. Playmode is a setting of particle, it’s about how particle will be shown, and dissapear. There’re three kind of Playmode. PLAYMODE: 0, PLAYMODE: 1, and PLAYMODE: 2.

  • PLAYMODE: 0. This will show the particle for a moment (as long as LENGTH) and then dissapear.
  • PLAYMODE: 1 or PLAYMODE: 2.This will show the particle as long as it removed. So, if the particle is not removed yet, it will keep appear.

NUM_PRIMS: 2. It show how many FX_PRIM_BASE_DATA are in the fire_med effects.

Then scroll down, you will found

NAME: heathaze
MATRIX: 1.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 1.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 1.000 0.000 0.000 0.000
TEXTURE: sphere_CJ

TEXTURE: sphere_CJ. It means this effets use “sphere_CJ” texture from effectsPC.txd

Because there’re still a lot of effects, i will explain the most important thing. You could find these and try modify it.

NUM_INFOS: 7. It show how many FX_XXXXXXXXX_DATA (anything named FX_XXXX_DATA, exclude FX_SYSTEM_DATA) are in the effects. 7 means there’re 7 FX_XXXXXXXXX_DATA in the effects. So if you want to remove some FX_XXXXXXXXX_DATA, you should change this number too (rarely, when you change it, it could be crash. It because the number aren’t the same with the FX_XXXXXXXXX_DATA in the effects. You can try to plus 1 or minus 1 it. But its rare)

FX_INFO_EMLIFE_DATA. You can change it by modify the VAL:. If you set it higher, your effects will be stronger (high oppacity, high contrast). If you set it lower, your effects will be weaker (low oppacity, low contrast)

FX_INFO_SIZE_DATA. It set your particle size. there’re SIZEX and SIZEY, which set x axis and y axis size. Modify the VAL:

FX_INFO_COLOUR_DATA. It give your particle a colour, there’re RED, GREEN, BLUE. Try to modify the VAL: in each colour. Use some combination (find the colour from colour palette in Image Application e.g. Photoshop)

Well, that’s for now. I hope this help you. If you want to know how to merge two effectsPC.txd and two effects.fxp, click here Good Luck !

9 thoughts on “GTA SA Tutorials – How to modify effects.fxp

    • how fast do you comment to this post, i just release it a second ago. This tutorial for some modder that want to change the texture, particle in the game. Just try it 😀

  1. You’ve really, really helped a lot. Thank you so much! Now I understand everything I need to know about “effects.fxp”. Thanks again, seriously. : )

  2. Thank you for making this tutorial and now I understand a little about how to make two same type of particle appear at same time,so I want to thank you and talk about it with you.

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