GTA SA Mod : Naruto Odama Rasengan

Before, I had ever posted about GTA SA : Itachi’s Slash Mod, Now, I will give you my preview mod. May be I could call it Odama Rasengan Cleo Mod. This mod will make Naruto raise his left hand, and make Great Ball Rasengan. This mod is unfinished yet because i haven’t add an animation to throw the Rasengan, because it is a texture, not an object, and need more effect. May be i will add the ordinary rasengan and will make a rasengan effect on a pedestrians when hit by rasengan. So, if you have an idea or something that may be can help. Just Comment :)   Now, you can download this mod here

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  1. a big wind effects while casting could make it too cool,and a crubling camera animation after cast will make it :) *****

  2. really cool.. good job with that!.. what do you mean with texture? SA effect? how do you fix the flickering bug?
    this is the one that I have:
    isn’t too cool, but something is something.. xD

    • Do you remember our discussion at ?
      Me (adifirmansyah) as ADVDI Leader. Who want to make chidori effect like you :).
      Actually, i download the effect that you request to Function-X
      (naruto effects + bluecircle.rar) and i edit the texture, make it bigger. I just test it by show the particle only (at your chidori mod, you attach particle to the object), not attached to an object, may be i could share the effect/particle….And I hope you wiling to complete rasengan mod :)

      • hoo.. I see…
        well, it doesn’t like me to much the “flickering bug” of the particle… so I’ve been searching another way to do it, because I can’t edit effects.fxp I hate this stuff. lol The only thing that I’ve never learned.
        I’m also willing to do a rasen~shuriken but I must finish this stuff first…
        whatever.. it looks nice.. good job…

  3. how to download?

  4. hey master advdi just pass this uncompleted mod to me i will complete it within two days and i need no credit i am a gta sa and iv modder so just pass this to my email and you will be proud.

  5. What do you mean need no credit? You will share this mod as your own? Just add me as the texture author….

  6. no brother i mean that after completing this mod you will thinking off that prince will start fight for his credit in this mod i just want to help you bro. dont feel wrong i like your mod and your thoughts

  7. hi. can you make a kamehameha of goku in dragonball z

  8. i am a personal modder i do not share my mods on internet just help the authors like zaz,sunny boy,killer-boy, in making of mods bro.
    your thinking wrong of me.

  9. when you will complete this mod?

  10. wat’s up advdi i am waiting this mod to complete very exited exited (-:

  11. yeah i am a big fan of yours so i finded you on facebook and requested for friend
    i have read your information and you are intrested in naruto, dragonball, and etc. its too nice i love them.

  12. and a very happy birthday
    wish you a many many returns of the day.

  13. hey the odama rasengan mod of yours can also be said as a SPIRIT BOMB of goku in dragonballz

    • yeah, but i can’t make it throwable, since its a texture mod, not an object. Have you try this mod?

      Sorry for my bad english, lol

  14. please finish the mod faster i cant waiiiiiit…..

  15. yeah i tried but the cheat rasengan does not work…

  16. can you change the name odama rasengan to odama sengai.
    because cheat or word rasengan does not suit dude!!!!@

  17. i had tried with cleo3 but the game does not starts
    with cleo4 the game starts but rasengan cheat does not work at all.
    so what to do friend ??????

  18. i am changing my profile name to “sunny” coz its my pet name and my friends advised that the name prince not suit to dont be confused

  19. hey you have watched that video.

  20. hey is the prince above who wrote comments is your friend?
    are you both making the mod together?
    its really good!
    now the mod will complete faster.

  21. i am sorry but i cant chat with you on FB for few days because of my account problem.
    but i have sent that mod to your email.
    i will only able to chat with you on this site.

  22. i am sorry but i cant chat with you on Facebook for few days because of my account problem.
    but i have sent that mod to your email.
    i will only able to chat with you on this site.

  23. i’am from malaysia.. this mod is so cool.. ilike it very much!



    • There’s no download link, because its not uploaded yet, there’s a big major bugs, so i can’t release it now….

      Maaf belum bisa diupload karena ada masalah yang belum diperbaiki….

  25. Tolong Betulkan kesalahan itu segera,,,, aku sangat ingin Mod Odama rasengan itu !! itu sangat keren,,,,

  26. can it work in cleo 3

  27. I typed rasengan and nothing happened… mod not working… I use Cleo 4

  28. what do you mean in “‘read me’ replace effects.. and effects….. in models folder using img tool ” theres no img file there

    • gta3.img in models folder in the installation directory of your GTA SA.

    • 1.Copy the files inside the “CLEO” folder to “X:\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\CLEO”

      2.Replace “effects.fxp” and “effectsPC.txd” on the “X:\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models”

      3.Add “qilin.ifp” to gta3.img (“X:\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models) using ImgTool

      Actually that’s a mistake in readme that says replace effects and effectsPC in models folder using ImgTool.

  29. best odoma rasengan ever xDDDD i will see futon: rasen shuriken

  30. how to use i type rasengan or odama rasengan its not work

  31. am also a great naruto fan…ppl think am obssessed but i don’t like db so much and i think ur mods r awesome.B.T.W where can i downlo0ad the odama rasengan mod

  32. Sorry guys,but i’m new in this things .. :/
    after i download it .. how can i Install it and play it ?
    (Please if U answer me tell me by STEPS)

  33. najbolja stranice za apartmanski smještaj sa puno korisnih ideja.

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