[Released] GTA SA – Rasenshuriken mod by ADVDI

Yeah!!! It’s released now. Rasenshuriken mod by me, ADVDI. Now you can do the most powerful jutsu that Naruto ever has.  This mod like the one when Naruto attacked Pain with his Rasenshuriken. He charge for Rasenshuriken, then throwing it. When it throwed, it expand and became larger. Then it explode and BLASTING.

-Copy the files inside the “CLEO” folder to “X:\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\CLEO”

-Replace “effects.fxp” and “effectsPC.txd” on the “X:\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models”

-Replace “beachball.txd” and “beachball.dff” on the gta3.img (“X:\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models) using ImgTool

How to Use?
Press “R” and “S” together to create rasenshuriken
Press [fire] to throw rasenshuriken

This mod include Overdose Effects 1.4 by Function-X. Thanks to Function-X for his awesome effects 🙂

Download here (Updated : August 27, 2015) :

Mod – Rasenshuriken

19 thoughts on “[Released] GTA SA – Rasenshuriken mod by ADVDI

  1. Could you please upload it to another file hosting besides megaupload and fileserve? (My country blocked that both sites). Anyway thanks for released that awesome mod! 😀

  2. Hi , the mod is cool , but i have a little problem , like this : i.ex i add a kirin mod to gta , there are effect and effect pc in the mod , i replace it , it work , but , when i trying to add rasenshuriken mod , there are effect and effectpc file too ! i tried to rename the file / the folder / replace it , but it didnt solve my problem, help please ?

  3. Hello all of you if want this mod so badly i give all of you the real fuuton raseshuriken i think the original script is belong to ADVDI & the Dark Uchia only Re-edit the script but im gonna say this mod AWESOME cause the script made by a professional & is ADVDI thanks to him…and im gonna say this, ADVDi script was never and ever have a bug 🙂 forgot about that here the link ~gtasanarutoskins.blogspot.com~ search one by you will found sempo oodama rasen tarenggan was the same script made by ADVDI ok that’s enough gotta work chau….

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