GTA SA Mod – Itachi Slash [Released]

Actually, i just sudden give the name (I dont know what is the name to give to this mod, I just got inspiration when i play this). GTA SA Mod – Itachi Slash, that’s the name of this mod (rather weird). Before, I’ve give you the preview. But today, i give you the mod release.

You will slaughter anyone nearest to you instantly (within radius 50 metres). This is very useful (for fighting cops). This mod is full version now. There’ll be no update at the future.

-Copy the files inside the “CLEO” folder to “X:\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\CLEO”

-Add “yomi.ifp” to gta3.img (“X:\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models) (using img tool)


How to Use?
Type “SLASH” to get katana, equip it, then press [aim] + [fire]
Type “END” to disable this mod


Not found yet :D


Itachi Slash…………………by ADVDI



Mod – Itachi’s Slash


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  1. plz give me link for download your GTA:SA

  2. I have GTA:sa, but I want download your mod(P.S.: your game have amazing graphics and models)

  3. You can download Itachi Slash Mod now (there’s a link above). If you want nice graphic, you can try SRT3 1.7

  4. Hahahahaa, what a creative mod, what are the minimal requirement for this game?

  5. Reyhan Rizky A

    ADVDI gi mana tuh ko grapichs nya bisa kaya 3D gi mana tolong dong kasih tau

  6. yah kaya digambar itu 3D BANGET serius gimana tuh?

  7. kaya di gambar ENB SERIES juga tuh bisa kaya 3D kaya yang di bilan Vlad

    • klo yang di video itu, aku pake SRT 1.7 sama Project Olivion 2010 HQ, kalo yang digambar paling atas sendiri, aku gak pake apa2 (efek darahnya pake Overdoze Effects 1.4) dan aku gak pake ENB sama sekali

      cuma itu aja, aku juga gak tau kok bisa kayak gitu :)

  8. Reyhan Rizky A

    kasih tau dong SRT 1.7 sama 2010HQ nya pliss ok?

  9. you said u were gonna make a shuriken kage bunshin mod?

  10. olle tu haces otro movimiento diferente cuando atacas con la katana! me podrias decir cm lo haces?

  11. caranya gimana?


    bang kalo yomi.ifp nya gak ada di gta3.img ,gimana tuh cara nyarinya ?

    mkasih buat sebelum nya :D

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