GTA SA Tutorials – How to merge two effectsPC.txd and effects.fxp

I posted this tutorials because of my friend request, then I posted about how to merge / combine two effectsPC.txd and effects.fxp. But before, i will explain what is effectsPC.txd and effects.fxp. EffectsPC.txd is a file that contains many texture of the particle that used in the game. Effects.fxp is the file that contains settings, how the particle work/appear in the game. It set the particle colour, position, size, rotation and many more. So, if you want to edit the effects texture, you can only edit effectsPC.txd. But if you want to edit both texture and how it appear in the game, you need to edit both effectsPC.txd and effects.fxp. Many mods on the web add a new particle on the game. If there’s many mods that add new particle on the game, How could it works together?? You need to merge the effects that used on the mod with yours.

Well, this is how to merge both effects

Read it first



first effects.fxp    =    the main effects.fxp (where two effects will merge here)
first effectsPC.txd    =    the main effectsPC.txd (where two particle will merge here)
second effects.fxp    =    the secondary effects.fxp (where new effects taken)
second effectsPC.txd    =    the secondary effectsPC.txd (where new particle taken)

1. Open first effects.fxp in models folder using notepad
2. Go to the end of the line
3. There should be “FX_PROJECT_DATA_END:
4. Give two [enter] above that line, so there’re three line-spaces, and place the cursor on the middle
5. Now, Open second effects.fxp which has the effect that you want to be merge with the last one
6. Find the effects name that you want to merge, e.g. “fire_med
7. After you found it, there should be “FX_SYSTEM_DATA:” above it
8. Select it, move the cursor down ’till you found “TXDNAME: NOTXDSET“. So, you will select it from “FX_SYSTEM_DATA:” untill “TXDNAME: NOTXDSET
9. Copy it, then paste on the first effects.fxp (on the middle between 3 line-spaces, at the end of file)
10. Then save it.

11. Open the second effectsPC.txd
12. Click on the image that you want to merge
13. Remember the name of the image (will be used on the first effectsPC.txd)
14. Export it (i usually use PNG)

1. Open the first effectsPC.txd
2. Click Image > New > 32 BPP
3. Doubleclick on the new image, Apply “Alpha is used
4. Click Import, choose the image that you’ve Export before
5. Then rename it just like on the second effectsPC.txd (should be same with the second effectsPC.txd)
6. Apply “compressed” if necessary
7. Save TXD

If you follow it, you should be able to merge the effects. Just keep trying
Sorry for bad tutorial and my english

Tutorial by ADVDI

38 thoughts on “GTA SA Tutorials – How to merge two effectsPC.txd and effects.fxp

    • May be different ways, try this
      Open particle.txd, find blood texture, export it, then change the colour using image editor e.g. Adobe Photoshop, the replace the old one….

      Second, open effects.fxp, then find “blood”, there should be many of it, scroll down untill you found something like FX_INFO_COLOUR_DATA: or FX_INFO_COLOURBRIGHT_DATA:.

      If it FX_INFO_COLOUR_DATA:, look for VAL:, then change the value (there should be Red, Green, and Blue), change the combination of the value.

      If it FX_INFO_COLOURBRIGHT_DATA:, scroll up, and looks for the texture name, then open effectsPC.txd, export the texture, then edit it with Adobe Photoshop…

      I hope this could help you 🙂

    • of course, except if you’re only change the texture (without changing the size, possition, colour and etc), you don’t need to edit effects.fxp. Some effects would have different colour even if you only change the texture on effectsPC.txd, but some wouldn’t.

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    • You should copy odama rasengan effects (nbluesphere.fxs) from my effects.fxp to the Overdose Effects’s, do it with step no.7. Then import the odama rasengan image from Overdose Effects’s txd (effectsPC.txd

      • Hi I try to merge the naruto mod effects to a rasen shuriken mod I was able to get sasuke to to chidori, but when doing fireball jutsu game crashes and kakashi’s chidori lightning doesn’t show.plz help

  2. Hello there I need your help, can you please merge or combine this 2 sets of txd files for GTA San Andreas? the OLD ones are the files that shows the right effects of fireball and the magic dildo or lightning effect… the new files are the ones with the Neon effects for the cars…
    here is the link:

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