[Preview] GTA SA – Rasenshuriken Mod by ADVDI

It’s been so long after i posted GTA SA – Odama Rasengan Mod. I’m not yet release it because there’s a problem that hard to fix. Its the animation. The current animation that i used is just make player raise his left hand, but there’s no animation that make player throw using left hand. And according to the name, Odama Rasengan means GreatBall Rasengan, its not suit if i used an ordinary rasengan charging (charge while perform ordinary Rasengan). So, I need to use the current animation which make player raise left hand to charge a GreatBall Rasengan.

Now, its time to talk about this new mod, a Rasenshuriken Mod by  me (ADVDI). This mod is complete (without any bugs of course) :D. Actually, There’re many Rasenshuriken mod on the internet by another modders. They create/modify new model using 3D Program (e.g. Zmodeller, 3DMax). Then, they attached it to the player hand (by CLEO scripts). And they make it throwable when player pressed some combination button. But, I want to make something different. I want to make a rasenshuriken which spin on naruto fist. Then i make this mod. Now, Naruto can perform rasenshuriken on his fist and throw it, of course, when he hold it there’re spinning effects :D. This is still preview section.

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