[Released] GTA SA Mod – Hiraishin no Jutsu (Minato Namikaze’s Teleport)

It’s time to release a mod. Hiraishin no Jutsu are available to download. This is CLEO3 Mod, so CLEO3 Library are necessary to make this mod work. This mod will make CJ have ability to teleport anywhere that he has mark. After mark the destination by plant a kunai on the ground, then he can teleport to it anywhere, anytime. Also he can remove the destination to create a new destination.

Preview Mod

-Add hiraishin_tele.cs to CLEO3 folder (Install CLEO3 Library first)

-Add yomi.ifp to gta3.img (using img tool)

-Add knifecur.dff to gta3.img (using img tool)

-Add kniecur.txd to gta3.img (using img tool)


How to Use
Get a knife, and equip it. Then, press these kind of button :

-Press “X” to create a destination
-Press “R” to remove current destination
-Press “T” to teleport to the destination


Thanks to Yuniwii for creating Minato’s Kunai

You can download this mod from here

password : advdi

29 thoughts on “[Released] GTA SA Mod – Hiraishin no Jutsu (Minato Namikaze’s Teleport)

  1. when you upload shuriken bunshin no jutsu ?? i need it.. hehehe easy to kill human.. one question from me, you know about susanoo mod?? where i can get it?? yuniwii? xshawn?

  2. azmi.. why you dont make neji’s 64 palm jutsu mod? i think it would be awesome and more rating waiting for you..and if u wana make it,dont forget PM me ..

  3. dude u have really cool mods i realy wanted u to upload to mediafire! and a question what is the name of the blog song i really liked it

  4. i am unable to download it because megaupload is banned ,can you please upload it on an another link,or send to my email.please

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