How to make virtual device with Daemon Tools Lite

Before you read this, you need to read how to make image file (ISO, MDS, etc) because this tips following the before one.

Virtual Device is also referred to as a virtual peripheral, a virtual device mimics a physical hardware device, essentially tricking the CPU into believing that a device exists when actually it doesn’t. For example, fax software can act as a virtual printer. When print is selected, the document is sent to a fax / modem, which then sends information to another fax / modem or fax machine instead of a printer printing the file.

A virtual device in Unix is a file such as /dev/null or /dev/urandom, that is treated as a device, as far as user level software is concerned, but is generated by the kernel without reference to hardware.

For instance when /dev/null is written to, the kernel tells the program it wrote everything to it (without actually writing it anywhere), and when read from, the reading program is told that it has reached the end of the file. It is a device file (it can be made with mknod for instance), but does not reference any hardware.

DOS-, Windows- and OS/2-like operating systems define the NUL device that performs a similar function (but is implemented as part of the file name processing – no actual file exists by that name).

To make a virutal device using Daemon Tools Lite, follow this instruction :

  1. Open Daemon Tools Lite, download here
  2. Click ‘Add Device’
  3. Right-Click on new Virtual Drive, choose ‘Mount’
  4. Choose the Image file (ISO, CCD, MDS, etc) that you have create before, if you don’t know how to make it, read here
  5. There it is, you have a virtual device. It can be used to play games without inserting CD / DVD. Hope this tips help you..

If there a missing steps, please comments…

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