Google Search on Firefox Address bar

Hello world….I’m finished my exam, and just need to wait the announcement. Now, I will tell you about how to add google search on firefox address bar. I just found this tips (or tricks) a second ago. This will make your Firefox browser works like Google Chrome, I means when you open new tab, and type something that you want to find, then hit enter like on Google Chrome, now you can do it on your Firefox.

Before you doing it, I think you have to hold a pen and a notepad, to make backup if there something goes wrong. Now the steps :

  1. Open your Firefox browser
  2. Type about:config on new tab
  3. If there a notice, just click OK, (you have a pen and a notepad opened)
  4. In a small filter (upside) type keyword.URL
  5. Then Right-Click on it, and choose Modify
  6. Block all of it, Copy, then write/paste it on a notepad to make backup, then save it
  7. Back to Firefox, replace it with
  8. Then restart your firefox, you can type and search like on Google Chrome

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